Our Capabilities

Business Development, Capture and Proposal management

  • Business Development, Capture, and Proposal Review Services (including “color team” services) for federal procurement programs
  • Technology Brokering focused on technology transfer from the laboratory to market
  • Assisting with the identification of potential markets and facilitating offering presentations to government leadership and management teams

Assess current capabilities and operations – Gap Analyses, SWOT, ILA, etc.

  • Organization Assessments: Conduct surveys and interviews of key organizational players and across the spectrum. By understanding roadblocks and bottle necks, we can help remove those barriers to getting your organization to the next level
  • Independent Logistics Assessments – including product support sourcing and business case analysis
  • Risk management assessments to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in product support processes and operations

Develop new strategies and identify potential program enhancements to increase competitiveness and effectiveness

  • Logistics Strategy Development – Assist in the Development, Planning and Implementation of Short, Mid, and Long-Term Logistics Strategies designed to have specific and time critical outcomes
  • Process Improvement – Analysis and re-engineering support (Black Belt Level Expertise). Leading edge OEM level Quality Engineering – highly experienced in developing strategies and plans to improve processes and drive to zero defects
  • Develop Improved Supply Support to Maintenance Operations – Perform process & systems management assessments for Depot Maintenance and DLA relationships, – evaluate wholesale/retail supply, parts store effectiveness, repair process and turnaround times, obsolescence & DMSMS issues, and identify source of supply improvements
  • Design Improved Maintenance and Operations – Road Mapping Mission Generation Effectiveness and Efficiencies – Assess and build integrated communication plan for scheduling, metrics, training, facilities, debrief, compliance, mission effectiveness, and external agency support. Analysis and Management support directed at pre-BRAC assessments and development of value proposition

Provide support services to successfully manage deployment and implementation of change and improvement initiatives

  • Orchestrate and support Maintenance Management initiatives – Integrate Maintenance Policy, Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) with standardized processes, assess tech school training programs, evaluate support equipment enterprise, base line and improve energy conservation, and perform Lean program evaluation and return on investment.
  • Group Facilitation – Facilitate group strategic planning sessions and deployment teams focused on moving the organization forward by achieving buy-in and process ownership from the key organizational members. Consensus is built by agreeing on an “as is” state, “What’s at stake” if we don’t change, and a “to be” state. Assist in the development of detailed program/project management plans to support implementation.
  • Provide Program Management/Product Support services for MAJCOMs and Depots – Perform Program Management functions, develop and conduct training, and accomplish “honest broker” role in the transition from Acquisition to Sustainment
  • Leadership Development Support – Leverage over 150 years of command and leadership experiences to assist any organization in developing a culture of leadership and management in their organization that directly supports the desired outcome of that organization
  • Advisory and Assistance services (A&AS) supporting Weapon System Life Cycle Management with special emphasis focused on product support and sustainment aspects of programs
  • Specialty training for managers – special emphasis on Change management, strategy development, and process improvement targeted at product support outcomes
  • Supply Chain Management, Base Operations and Transportation Support addressing product tracking and management systems as well as all aspects of logistics pipeline processes and distribution activities.

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