Our Partners

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PriceWaterHouseCoopers is one of the top manufacturing logistics organizations on the planet. They are well known for their work in the public sector. They offer advising for the information technology departments in the financial sector.

They are the consultant of choice in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry. Their strength in a nutshell is data ... data that is used for decision making.

Big data is a buzz term that every organization wants to be associated with. But PWC is an organization the pioneered the use of Big Data to empower decision making. We are aligned with PWC in using data to support smart logistics. We follow this approach to help us get the assets you need to where you need to get them.

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Colt is a manufacturer of some of the world's top armaments. We are working towards a peaceful world. Until we get there, such functionalities are needed to safegaurd the ones we love. The key is to do as little damage as possible while accomplishing this task.

Colt makes this possible with it's high percision armaments. It also supports this mission by making sure that the armaments are reliable. Fortunately Colt has been in the business for nearly a century and crafting reliable, effective, and advanced armaments has been their sole focus. We are proud to use the finest equipment on our vehicles and that is why we are excited about a partnership with Colt.

Colt sets the tone for what we consider a good partner. They are an expert in their field. They have an extensive, proven track record of success. They are pushing innovation. And while we may not be their largest buyer, they care about our needs and are willing to customize equipment to make sure it does the job for our client base.

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Lockheed Martin

The Lockheed Martin name stands for excellence in high performance aviation manufacturing. It applies the incredible discoveries in the space exploration field to flight systems that are used on our aerial vehicles. That means that the same technology pioneered for satellites, spacecraft, and instrucments used on the NASA space station are also incorporated into our assets. Does that give our purchasers an advantage? You bet!

Lockheed has also been around for over a decade. It started in 1912 as the Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company. In 1955 the merger of Lckoheed with Martin Marietta resulted in the Lockheed Martin that we know today. This history gives us and our clients a sense of strength and continuity. The technology coming out of this organization is built on a strong bedrock that is here to last.

Lockheed has a similar mission in mind as Graybeard. They champion innovation, diversity, global outreach, and expertise. They recruit only the best, most senior members in any field. They work closely with the most advanced and powerful players. They have integrity. We are proud to use their components in the construction of our vehicles.