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Contracting & Proposal Management

Winning  contracts in the space of aerospace vehicle design, planning, manufacturing, and distribution is quite challenging, even for subordinate government agencies. But we have had success in this space and are happy to give you some guidance.

supply team support

Capability Assessment

You may know what kind of operation you want to run and the kinds of assets you want to deploy. But does your support network enable this initiative. Have you looked a the possible constraints and limitations? There are often going to be bottlenecks that you did not consider. Even if the funding is available, are you going to get stakeholder buy-in? Is someone going to raise last minute opposition?  This can happen at any stage of the planning, manufacturing, or delivery stage.

logistical support

Logistical Assessment

Congratulations, you have produced an incredible vehicle that is going to give your team the edge. Now it's time to deploy it. But how are you going to get to the theater of operations?  Many of our custom built vehicles require extreme discretion. They are built with top secret technology.  They cannot be delivered through the same channels are regular assets. We can help you think through the delivery aspect of the operation and make sure that you get it right.

risk management matrix

Risk Management

There is a lot of risk involved. There is the risk that you don't even get the project off the ground as we discussed in capability assessment above. There is the risk that your project gets cancelled half-way. What are you going to do if your asset is not completed. Do you have a plan of what to do with the intermediate parts?  What if the asset is completed but the mission can't go through. Do you have a plan of how to repurpose the vehicle or how to potentially liquidate it to generate funds for upcoming operations?

And then of course there is the risk associated with the vehicle and it's performance. What happens if the vehicle does not operate as expected?  Are you prepared to deal with the consequences to the people operating the vehicle?  Are you prepared to deal with the loss of the vehicle?  What if it does operate as expected but the theatre of operations is significantly different than the one you designed it for?  What if modifications need to be made? Are you ready for those contingencies.

Yes we are asking a lot of what-if questions, but that is exactly the role of risk management. The idea is that you think through as many scenarios as possible and make sure that you are prepared to deal with both the positive and negative things that can take place.

training your supply chain team


Our team has the skillset to manage the design, manufacture, and deployment of unique assets that make the difference. But what if you want your team to learn to fish?  What if you want to learn how to do part of this process yourself?  It can be quite important and due to security reasons essential that you take over some of the end-to-end manufacture or endpoint logistics. The good news is that we are willing to share our knowledge. We have a training program in place to teach you what we know and help support you until you gain mastery.