Supply Chain logistics Consulting
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Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing, and Logistics

Vehicle Design

We design custom aerial assets for optimum mission capabilities. This can include modifying existing vehicles or it can mean building new vehicles from the ground up.

End-to-End Manufacturing

We handle everything from raw material and intermediate parts sourcing, to manufacturing, and assembly. We use the best practices and leading edge technologies to ensure that you get excellent quality, functionality, and traceability.


Once the vehicle asset is ready, we deliver it anywhere in the world through our logistical channels.


Get in Touch with the Right Team
government office

Government SCM Team

If you represent a government agency and would like to get in touch to learn more about the kinds of services that are available, then the Government Supply Chain Management team is the right place for you to start.  Read more about the kinds of services we offer below.

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independent contractor in business suit

Independent COntractor Team

If you are a company or individual working independent from a governmental organization, then the services we will be able to offer you may be more limited. But feel free to reach out to us and see what we can do.

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